Ride Experience Options Edit


The speed at which the roller coaster races down the track is determined by the laws of physics. The greater the gravitational pull, the faster you'll pick up speed and slow down as you move up and down the track. AirCoaster uses realistic gravity in thetracks. For the greatest variation in speed (and the fastest rides), drag the gravity slider bar all the way to the right. When the slider bar is all the way to the left, the roller coaster will move at a constant speed along the entire track.

Auto Track Banking

The faster you are moving and the sharper the turn you're taking, the more you have to lean into the turn. AirCoaster automatically calculates how the track should bank (lean into the turn) based on the structure of the track (which includes predicting how fast the car will be at each point along the track). You can influence the amount of banking AirCoaster applies by adjusting the Auto Track Banking slider. When the slider is all the way to the left, the track will not bank at all.

Launched Mode

When Launched Mode is enabled, the roller coaster will be propelled up the first hill within 3 seconds, after which it will slow back down to a fixed speed. At the end of the track, the roller coaster will brake and be brought to a regulated speed. Regulating the speed at the start and the end of the track ensures that no matter how many times you go on the roller coaster, every round will feel the same. In other words, the speed at each point on the track will be the same, no matter how many times you go around the track.

Note that if there's any booster or brake applied to any of the segments that form part of the first hill, the speed changes will be applied on top of the extra acceleration that Launched Mode provides.

AirCoaster automatically determines the segments that form the first hill by analyzing the track. Some tracks will not have a first hill, if the track goes down at the beginning of the ride. In this case, Launched Mode only affects the braking of the roller coaster as it approaches the end of the track.

Sensor Mode

Sensor Mode provides you with an alternative, engaging way to look around during the ride. When Sensor Mode is enabled, you can tilt your iDevice to look up and down. You can also turn your body to the side to look left and right if you have an iPhone 4, iPod touch 4G, or iPad. When Sensor Mode is off, you can swipe across the screen during the ride to look around.