I joined AirCoaster on January 14, 2014, although I didn't have a profile until March 3, 2014. I have had 3 first pagers, one of them hit, named Thief, which was a B&M Flier. Blitz 2, the sequel to my track Blitz, as the name implies, was a Intamin Blitz, and a Vekoma Motorbike named Gale Force stuck on first.

i have entered many contests, including Stride's IACTMT, in which I am participating now, and RPP's TNGM 3, which will start in May 2015. I will make a contest section soon.

My most downloaded track is Thief, which is almost at 300 downloads. Folllowing that is an Intamin Strata called Cop Car Chase, which, when I find time, will make a sequel to.

My five star tracks are plentiful, ranging from Thief, to Cop Car Chase, to Blitz. My upcoming tracks are always improving, and I am a rising star in AirCoaster.

I am known to be a nice and helpful user, but when I get seriously ticked off I have been known to cuss people out.